Giving a talk

We run talks at the bootstrapped business meetup. If you'd like to give a talk, please read through the information below and get in touch with Ali.


Talks can be about anything that could conceivably be valuable, inspiring or entertaining to people who:

  • Currently run bootstrapped software businesses OR
  • Wish to transition from providing consulting services to products

The group is a smart bunch, so you're free to get as technical as you like in the time allotted. This could be deep into the maths behind multi-variate testing, calculating customer LTV or anything else relevant to the goals of a bootstrapped business. You could alternatively keep it high-level and just speak in terms of the business challenges you faced and the strategies you brought to bear against them.

If you'd like to give a talk but are stuck for a topic, telling your story so far is a great place to start. Talks are limited to ten minutes, so a simple format could be spending two minutes on each of:

  • A high level introduction on your background and business.
  • An overview of how you market yourself or your business.
  • A mistake you've made in running/starting a business and what you learned from it.
  • A technique you tried that had a positive outcome and how others might apply it.
  • Your goals and plans for the next few months.

These are just suggestions, you can use some or all of this format in a different order and it's still likely to go down well at the meetup.


Most of the value of the meetup is from discussion, networking and exchanging ideas over drinks. For that reason, talks are limited to ten minutes each. Since we're a small group with a lot of diverse and relevant experience, you'll have roughly the same amount of time allocated for Q&A after your talk, so be ready to take audience questions.

We've been to meetups where talks drag on for hours and hours, so we're going to be strict on timings. For that reason we strongly suggest that you rehearse your talk with a timer before delivering it at the meetup.